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Valletta Commercial Services Ltd Malta

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Valletta Commercial Services Ltd Malta
About Malta

Malta lies in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and as such holds a strategic position between mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The country’s long standing neutral political policy has proved vital for maintaining positive relations with all its neighbours.

Malta has developed as one of the most popular financial centres worldwide, whilst maintaining proper standards in line with EU policies. Very favourable and competitive structures have been put in place guaranteeing that Malta is a strong competitor with other financial centres in Europe and worldwide.

Its solid structure is strengthened even further by the following facts:

  • Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004;
  • Adoption of the Euro took place in 2008;
  • A favourable tax regime with a variety of exemptions and incentives;
  • Skilled, hardworking, professional and bilingual workforce;
  • English is a national language therefore official documentation is issued in English;
  • Economic, political and social stability;
  • Worldwide sound reputation;
  • An extensive double taxation treaty network (including all EU Member States).