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Malta lies in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and as such holds a strategic position between mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The country’s long standing neutral political policy has proved vital for maintaining...

Malta has a long and varied maritime tradition and has established itself as a maritime leader in the Mediterranean region and the world....Read More >

Registering a yacht under the Malta Flag is a straightforward process, particularly with the Maltese register being one of the top 10...Read More >

The introduction of the Aircraft Registration Act has formalised Malta’s commitment to develop the jurisdiction as a successful base...Read More >

One of the most advantageous incentives introduced under Maltese law is the VAT scheme which targets yacht owners who choose to register...Read More >

Maltese Company Law is in conformity with EU directives. The principal legislation covering companies and partnerships in Malta is the...Read More >

A company registered in Malta is not required to open a bank account with a Maltese bank. However, in some circumstances, it is...Read More >

A Company incorporated in Malta is treated as domiciled and ordinarily resident in Malta and taxable on world-wide income at 35%. A Company...Read More >

In Malta the most common form of corporate entity is the limited liability company, which may be either private... 

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In Malta the most common form of corporate entity is the limited liability company, which may be either private or public. In order to set up a limited liability company approval must be obtained by the Registrar of Companies. Subject to certain requirements being satisfied, a company can be incorporated within 48 hours. A company must have at least one shareholder and one director. A trading company must also have a company secretary. The minimum share capital can be as low as €240 and other costs incurred for the registration of a company are minimal.

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