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Valletta Commercial Services Ltd Malta
About Malta

Malta lies in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and such strategic position between mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East proved very valuable for the powers of the past. This coupled with positive diplomatic relations with all surrounding continents provides Malta with easy access to European, North African and Middle Eastern markets.

Today Malta is developing as a popular financial centre, with a “can do” attitude, and as a result is an attractive alternative to other financial centres in Europe and worldwide.  It’s popularity has been bolstered by the following: 
   -   Membership of the EU since 2004 and adoption of the Euro in 2008;
   -   A focus on international business and a stable political / economic  environment;
   -   A favourable tax regime with a variety of exemptions and incentives;
   -   Skilled, professional and bilingual workforce;   
   -   Overall operating costs amongst lowest in the EU 27 average;
   -   Latest and reliable IT infrastructure in place;
   -   Lowest effective tax leakage: as low as .625% for holding companies and 5% for trading companies.